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There are thousands of roses to choose from, and sometimes the choices can be a little overwhelming. Not only do you need to think about colors, but also type, disease resistance, your growing zone etc. So why not share YOUR favorite rose with other site visitors?

It's you chance to voice your opinion, and have your own webpage, complete with photos uploaded by you, to share with other rose lovers around the world!

Here's how this works: Using the form below, type in the story of your favorite rose and why. Is it because you love the color? Is it the fragrance or is it the growing habit of the plant? Whatever makes a rose your favorite, we want to hear about it. It can be for whatever reason or reasons you choose. There is only one thing we ask from you. Please make your description 250 words or more. That is about two paragraphs worth of typing. If your submission is shorter, it can cause problems on the site and that's not good. For once, it's better to be more descriptive (and wordier) than not.

Let everyone in the world know why your favorite rose is best. Here's your chance!

Share with us at least 2-3 paragraphs of why you feel yours is the World's Best Rose. This is your chance to brag it up! (One line submissions may not be accepted.)

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Your Favorite Roses 
I think these are the most beautiful roses in the world These Red Roses are like heaven on earth . Ritu

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