Weeks Roses

Weeks roses are some of the most well known varieties in the flower world. Find out more about their operations.

They were first founded back in 1938 by the Weeks family. Wasco, California was chosen as the location as its climate was ideal for good growing. They operated things until 1985, when they were bought out by Charlie Huecker and Bob DeMayo. Roger Thulin has run the show since 2006.

They have been innovators in many new types and produce enormous amounts of flowers. Recently they introduced the Tops in Pots and Table to Garden varieties. They have everything from hybrids to minis to climbers. They even have trees available. Their facilities in Southern California contain over 1000 acres of growing area. Glad I'm not in charge of that pruning job!

In recent years they have really cleaned up on the AARS awards, since Tom Carruth came aboard in 1988 as the lead researcher. Tom has been called "King of the Roses" by more than one publication. He is responsible for more ARS winners than any other breeder. Since 1996 they have had sixteen winners, including the Dick Clark in 2011. You'll see his name among many popular and award winning varieties. They usually have between 8-10 new introductions each year. All of the following have been winners:

Julia Child

Weeks Roses

Betty Boop

Weeks Roses

Memorial Day

Weeks Roses

Fourth of July

In the fall of 2010, they had to enter bankruptcy reorganization proceedings. Even rose growers aren't immune to the recession! However, every indication is that they are still a viable firm and will still continue on with business as usual.

Unfortunately, they don't sell direct to the public. You either need to buy wholesale or from a nursery. Their catalog is a good source of information on all their products.

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