Virginia Rose

The virginia rose is a wild plant that is widespread in the United States. It has many interesting properties that make it worth investigating!

Virginia Rose

Also known as rosa Virginiana, this species is common on the East Coast of the United States, but can go as far west as Arkansas and as far north as Quebec and Ontario. Obviously, its also very common in Virginia!

It is a perennial subshrub, much like the multiflora and swamp species. Left unchecked, it can reach six feet high in areas. It will grow quickly and can be borderline invasive on other vegetation. Its commonly found in the wild in meadows and clearings.

Virginia Rose

As with all wild species, all flowers have five petals. They are usually pinkish in color with some yellow in the center. It can be recognized but its hairy steams and nasty curving thorns. Watch out when handling it! It blooms a little later than other native plants from early summer (June) to late summer (August)

You can eat both the hips and the petals on the Virginia rose. They have a lot of Vitamin C. They are a great plant for your garden if you enjoy hip tea or other treats! They will also attract a good amount of wildlife, both furry and bugs. The thorns can make them a little tricky though.



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