Veilchenblau Rose

Veilchenblau Rose is an outstanding flower that’s often called the nearest thing to a blue rose that’s in existence in nature.  We’ll let you be the judge of it!

Veilchenblau Rose

It was first bred by Johann Christoph Schmidt, a German breeder, in 1909.  It’s a hybrid multiflora that has brilliant purplish-blue flowers.  Its surprising that in over 100 years we haven’t had a big improvement since the Veilchenblau’s unveiling.  That could be a testament to the great work from Schmidt though.  The name is German for blue viel.  You’ll also see it as the Blue Rosalie, or the blue rambler.

I’m surprised this rose doesn’t get more publicity.  It really does have a unique bluish hue.  I’m not sure I would consider it totally blue, but in the right light it can definitely get there.  More realistically, it’s a combination of red and purple.  It’s a rambler so it works great on a pillar or trellis.  You’ll definitely want to get a color like this rose has out in front on your garden.  In addition, it has a wonderful fragrance so you definitely won’t soon forget it!  The scent has been called fruity.  It’s generally a  one-time bloomer during the summer, so enjoy it while it lasts!  It can grow quite high; I’ve heard of examples of this getting up to 20 feet tall at times.

From a gardening standpoint, it’s a very nice easy to grow rose.  It does well even in shade, and as stated, it’s a very strong grower. Its also very tough against diseases.  Another nice gardening trait is that is has almost no thorns.  Its also recommended to use very limiting pruning on this, but obviously you’ll need to use some judgement there as you may to shape or sculp the plant to fit in your yard.

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