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Thornless Roses

Every rose has its thorns, or so says the song by Poison. Well, perhaps the majority do, but there are a number that are either completely thornless or nearly so. And of course, the "thorns" are not technically thorns at all, but prickles. Be that as it may, there is a wide array of thornless (or almost thornless) roses for you to choose from. We list some of the most commmon or popular on this page.

This list also includes the near thornless roses, and it not exhaustive by any means. near thornless means what it says... there might be a few thorns, but they will tend to be scattered, and mainly in the lower portion of the plant. The stems containing the blooms will nearly always be thorn free. The list is alphabetical with a brief description of each one, and links to any pages we have on that particular rose. You might notice that David Austin roses have a better than average occurance in this list. Also polyanthas as a whole tend to have few thorns than other varieties. Something to bear in mind when next shopping for roses at the garden center.

Thornless Roses

  • Bleu Magenta (Hybrid Multiflora, mauve)
  • Chloris (Alba, light pink, very fragrant)
  • Goldfinch (Hybrid Multiflora, light yellow/white, fragrant)
  • Hippolyte (Gallica, mauve/red blend)
  • Kathleen Harrop (Bourbon, light pink, fragrant)
  • Lady Banks Rose (Species, white or yellow)
  • Lykkefund (Large-flowered Climber, white/light yellow)
  • Mme. Legras de St. Germain (Alba, white, fragrant)
  • Mme. Plantier (Alba, white, fragrant)
  • Tausendschön (Hybrid Multiflora, pink blend)
  • Veilchenblau (Hybrid Multiflora, mauve, fragrant)
  • Zéphirine Drouhin (Bourbon, medium pink, fragrant)

Nearly Thornless

  • A Shropshire Lad (Shrub, David Austin, yellow blend)
  • Aimée Vibert (Noisette, white, fragrant)
  • Bride's Dream (Hybrid Tea, light pink)
  • Cardinal de Richelieu (Gallica, mauve, fragrant)
  • China Doll (Polyantha, medium pink/light pink)
  • Climbing Iceberg (Climbing Floribunda, white)
  • Climbing Pinkie (Climbing Polyantha, medium pink)
  • Clotilde Soupert (Polyantha, white)
  • Complicata (Gallica, pink blend, single)
  • Cornelia (Hybrid Musk, pink blend/yellow blend, fragrant)
  • Crépuscule (Noisette, apricot blend)
  • Crown Princess Margareta (Shrub, David Austin, apricot blend)
  • Frau Karl Druschki (Hybrid Perpetual, white)
  • Geoff Hamilton (Shrub, David Austin, medium pink)
  • Ghislaine de Féligonde (Hybrid Multiflora, light yellow/yellow blend, fragrant)
  • Golden Showers (Large-flowered Climber, medium yellow)
  • Heritage (Shrub, David Austin, light pink, very fragrant)
  • J.P. Connell (Shrub, medium yellow/light yellow)
  • James Galway (Shrub, David Austin, light pink/medium pink)
  • John Clare (Shrub, David Austin, deep pink/light red, fragrant)
  • La Marne (Polyantha, pink blend)
  • Lady Hillingdon (Tea, yellow blend, fragrant)
  • Leander (Shrub, apricot blend)
  • Mlle. Cécile Brunner (Polyantha, light pink)
  • Mme. Alfred Carriére (Noisette, white, fragrant)
  • Mortimer Sackler (Shrub, David Austin, light pink)
  • Oceana (Hybrid Tea, apricot blend)
  • Outta the Blue (Shrub, mauve)
  • Paul Neyron (Hybrid Perpetual, medium pink)
  • Pure Perfume (Shrub, white)
  • Reine des Violettes (Hybrid Perpetual, mauve, fragrant)
  • Rose-Marie Viaud (Hybrid Multiflora, mauve)
  • The Generous Gardener (Shrub, David Austin, light pink)
  • Thérèse Bugnet (Hybrid Rugosa, medium pink, fragrant)
  • Tuscany Superb (Gallica, mauve, fragrant)

Roses By Type

Wild roses, Hybrids, climbers, miniatures and more. Make some sense of the multitude of rose varieties with our handy guides.

Wild Roses
Wild or species roses. They have a natural simple beauty, with their plain 5 petal flowers and vibrant red hips.
Old Fashioned
This includes varieties such as Alba, Damask, Gallica, Hybrid Perpetual, Bourbons, Moss, and many more.
Hybrid Tea
Probably the most popular type in use today. Orignally created by crossing Hybrid Perpetuals and Tea roses.
Climbing Roses
The climbers are not a variety, they can come from different families such as HT's, Floribundas, Antiques etc.
Rambling Roses
Similar habit to the climbers, but with a few subtle (and important to remember) differences between them.
Well known for their prolific sprays of flowers, the floribundas are a very popular garden choice.
Ground Covers
This encompasses varieties such as the Knockout, Drift, and Star roses. Generally very easy care.
A great way to bring your roses indoors or onto the patio. And with a low price, you can have as many as you want!
English Roses
One of the best loved varieties, David Austin's English roses are a must have for your garden.
Shrub Roses
This class is a "catch all" for roses that just don't fit other catagories. A bit of a cop out really!
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