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Wild Roses: Swamp Rose

Swamp Rose

Also called the rosa palustris, it is almost exclusively found in the Eastern US, east of the Mississippi River. Pockets of it can be found in Iowa, Missouri, and Minnesota, so it is slowly making its way westwad. It's not invasive like the multiflora rose. It tends to do better in the east and southeast as it is a wetlands flower. Obviously, the Great Plains tend to be a little drier than other areas of the country!

Like the Rosa Carolina, the palustris is a subshrub. It can be recognized in nature from its hooked thorns, which can be nasty. It has a nice bloom through the spring, although not as full as some hybrid floweres. Fruit and seeds are produced in the summer. It can grow for years, up to 20 in some cases, and get up to eight feet high. As a wetlands flower, it does not do well in drought or limited watering situations.

Although it is a native flower, you can usually find the swamp rose in nurseries and some garden stores. It looks nice as a hedge or edge rose, especially on a meadow or more "wild" area. It will attract wildlife for the fruits.

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