Star Roses

Star roses are another line of well-bred advanced flowers from Conard-Pyle. They are in the same family as the historic Peace rose.

Many well-known breeds are actually part of the Star Family. Every year, Conard-Pyle introduces new additions to the family to complement the old favorites. They range from grandifloras to tea varieties. Here are some of the more recognizable types:

Peace - The original Star rose and most famous in the world. First created over 60 years ago.

Tropicana - Melon and orange blooms with a fresh fruitlike scent.

Queen Elizabeth - a majestic grandiflora. Great for hedges.

Blaze - Blazing red blooms that repeat through the season. Also, a very nice low maintenance option as well.

These are not available direct from Conard-Pyle, but as they are very popular, are available in most nurseries and many online shops as well.

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