Shrub Roses

Shrub roses are a category of flowers that can include a lot of different species. Find out more about these types of roses!

While they can be somewhat difficult to define, they do have some common characteristics. They are usually cross-bred species with low maintenance and good cold weather hardiness. Some of them even look good too!

Shrub Roses

Shrub roses can go from low groundcover to high up and over 10 feet tall, although most are in the 1-5 foot range. Most have one heavy bloom and in some cases, double flowers. Occasionally they will have multiple blooms. They are commonly seen as hedges or for low borders around a garden. The Hansa rose works well there, as well as the Cherokee.

You should plant them at around four to six feet apart, depending on the type of bush. If planting as hedges, space them closer. Most are very winter hardy, so they are easy to maintain. As far as pruning, you should remove any dead winter growth in the spring. Deadheading is not recommended, as this will curtail them from producing hips. You can propagate these plants through cuttings or by division.

Some of the more recommended breeds include the William Baffin or Baby Blanket. Another popular wild species includes the Guelder rose

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