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Wild Roses: Rugosa

The Rugosa rose, also known as Japanese rose and Ramanas rose. This beautiful flowering shrub is native to Asia and was first seen in China, Japan and Korea where it grows along the coastline in sandy soiled areas. The name 'Rugosa' rose actually comes from the Japanese word 'Hamans' which means 'shore pear', due to its prickly bush like foliage.

The Rogosa rose is a stunning example of an ornamental flower and is known for its sweetly scented leaves and beautiful flower heads that are usually dark pink to white and have a slightly crinkled look to the petals. The luscious blooms produced on this shrub make a wonderful addition to your garden. It flowers all summer finally being replaced by rich red rose hips in the early winter months.

One of the main attractions of this species of rose is its hardiness and independence. Roses, in general, are renowned for their need for attention and demanding delicate natures which sometimes deter people from wanting to plant them, as they may not have the time or inclination to tend them as much as they will need.

The Rogosa rose is unlike the standard rose, as it needs only a good drainage system and yearly pruning in order for it to survive most conditions. It will grow in many soil types and different climatic areas with varied areas of sunlight, and is not in need of constant attention and cultivation to remain strong and healthy. All roses are susceptible to diseases and pests, rather more than most other flowers and plants. The Rogosa rose will also be most likely attacked by one or both of these afflictions at some point, yet due to its innate strength and characteristics you will find that it can cope a lot better than most roses, and will be unaffected and recover quickly from any damage that may be done. Propagation of a Rogosa rose is not a daunting task. It can be sown from seed or a variety of cuttings can be made from a fully grown plant to place in your garden later on.

rugosa rose

Once it is in place and you have given it a good watering there is very little else that this plant will need. It can sustain a lot of salt and chemicals in the air so it can be placed near roads or windows without worrying about any contamination that may affect it.

With its light wafting aroma it is actually quite nice when placed near out door seating areas or open windows, so that you can enjoy the scent while going about your day. It grows well on its own or as part of a group, and can be a fairly effective hedgerow or edging plant.

Whatever use you decide is best for your Rogosa rose, you will find it is a joy to have around. It is a fresh, happy flower and it will provide enchantment and delight year round.

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