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Rose Gardening, A Beginners Guide

Garden with some roses in it
Is a garden complete without at least a few rose bushes? We don't think so! Perhaps you have always thought that roses were difficult? Well, the truth is, they are only as difficult as you make them. There are many types that you can just basically plant and forget... no need to spend endless hours deadheading, pruning, fertilizing, and all the other chores generally associated with roses. That can come later as you begin to expand your garden with more and different varieties ;-)

A ground cover type such as one of the knockout varieties is suitable for beginners. So to is the star rose. Many of the polyanthas and floribundas are also tolerant of neglect. Perhaps stay away from the more fussy roses such as the gallicas and other old styles, they tend to need a little more care with things like diseases and pests.

If you want to have a go at growing climbers, you can't go wrong with planting a banksiae. Stick it in the ground and as long as it gets enough sun and water then it will grow and flower for you!

Our Rose Gardening Guides

In recent years, there’s been a lot of advances in plant technology and care.  Many species and breeds are made specially to be easy going and low maintenance.  They still have their characteristic great blooms and scents though.

We'll show you how to pick the right species for your climate and environment. You'll learn the right times to plant and seed your plants.   We’ll review the best methods for pruning and care.  We’ll even help with some of the best ways to work with your cut flowers.  After the season, learn how to properly winterize your roses, if you live in a cold climate like me.  The rest of you, well, enjoy those winter bloomers!

Follow the links for more information on basic steps to get started in the process:

Pages Related to Caring For Roses

Browse our pages on rose care. From basic planting techniques to advanced budding and propogating, we've got something for everyone.

Care Of Roses
Start at the beginning, and get an overview of what's involved with growing roses.
Planting Roses
Doing a poor job with your plant can leave it with weak roots. Make sure to get it done right.
Pruning Roses
Sometimes your blooms need a trim so they can have room to sprout and re-grow.
If you want continuous blooms through summer, then you need to deadhead your roses.
Cut Roses
A vase full of vibrant bloomers looks great in the dining room.  Learn how to do it yourself.
A little more advanced, but see how you can easily increase your stock of roses.
Make sure that your roses can survive the winter and come back even stronger in the spring.
Rose Diseases
Some of the common rose diseases like blackspot, and how to get them under control.
Rose Pests
Common bugs and insects to look out for on your roses, and what to do about them.
Rose Leaves
How to use the state of the leaves to check plant health on a rose bush.
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