Rose Chafer

The rose chafer is a common garden pest that you need to understand before it attacks your poor plants.

Rose Chafer Beetle

What is it?….

The rose chafer is a greenish, brown or dark tan beetle that's about a half inch in length.

The Attack

They typically appear in the late spring area, or around late May and early June. They like sandy soils so your plants will typically have more trouble if grown there. Once they are out, they go right for the blossoms on your roses and peonies. They will also attack fruit plants. You can tell if there has been a chafer attack by the way the leaves are chewed up. They will go right for the "meat" of the leaf and blossoms and leave the veins.

What to Do?

The short term fix is to brush off those bugs and dump them FAR away from your plants. They can fly so just flicking them away won't be enough to keep them out. Longer term, you can look at some netting to prevent them from landing there in the future. If you are getting continuous issues with them, you can consider a pesticide.

Imidacloprid is a systemic pesticide that will give be absorbed by the plant itself and gives longer term protection. Check the ingredients on the bottle for this.




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