Rose Beetle

The rose beetle is one of the nastier pests you can get in your garden.  Fortunately, there are ways to fight them off and protect your flowers.

Spotted Cucumber Beetle

There are a few different varieties of garden beetles that can attack your roses.  For the most part, they tend to attack the blooms; of course the most beautiful and visible part of the plant.  In most cases, shaking them off is the best instant work you can do to remove them.  You can also introduce some nematodes to the soil that will attack their eggs.

Fuller rose beetle – This is one of the more prevalent pests.  You’ll find these in most states in the US, but its seems to be especially more popular in California.  The larva tend to be in the ground and attack the roots, and they are definitely tough to spot.  The adult versions go after the flowers themselves.  They are brown to gray in color and up to about a half-inch long.  You may also see these called rose weevils.  Although they are a bigger pest to citrus trees and fruits they will attack roses as well.  You can help prevent them from getting up to the leaves by making sure the canes don’t reach the ground.  Check the stems and leaves for any chewing damage.  You can use chemicals.  Some other insects that prey on beetles include the preying mantis and parasitic wasps.  While wasps aren’t most gardeners favorites the mantis can be quite handy.

Japanese beetle –  This is a widespread and nasty pest.  Ironically, its actually a much bigger threat in American gardens than it is overseas.  They love roses as well as a whole host of other plants.  They are commonly found on the east coast

Rose chafer- This technically a beetle but is not as damaging as the Fuller.  It still can be a nasty pest though.

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