Potpourri Supplies

If you're going to make your own, you need potpourri supplies. I bet some of you have done this before and creating your own blend of natural scents is old hat, right? You're so smart. Still, though, you might find this section somewhat useful. There are others of you who are coming here from our homemade potpourri recipes page and may know the difference between cinnamon and nutmeg, but don't have a clue the difference between Orris Root and Lemon Verbena. Don't fret, for while some of these items may be exotic sounding, it doesn't mean it's difficult. Just like everything else, if you know a little bit about where to look, things aren't as complicated as they may seem.


Think of the possibilities. You could be a star amongst your friends because you can experiment and create your own signature blends, giving your prized mixtures as gifts for birthdays or holidays. What would your mom say if you gave her a beautiful box of hand crafted potpourri for Mother's Day?

To do anything well, you have to learn about your tools and be able to obtain them. Guess what? That's what we're going to do: help you learn about potpourri ingredients and offer you places to obtain them. See how well that works? Now aren't you glad you read this?

Click on an ingredient and learn all about potpourri supplies now.


Balsam Peru, Sandalwood

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