Perfume Delight Rose

If you're looking for a great fragrant flower, look no farther than the Perfume Delight rose!

Perfume Delight Rose

Into the history books….

This was first bred by Weeks back in 1973. In 1974 it won the AARS Award. Its a combination of the Peace (seed) and a combination of Chrysler Imperial, Happiness, and el Capitan breeds.


Of course, the main draw of this plant is the scent. It has that great, strong almost-damask like scent. Be warned though, it is extremely fragrant, as in, it will almost overwhelm you in a tight indoor space! Keep that in mind if you are thinking about some cut flowers! It does have nice long stems that will be very tempting for you.

Out in the garden, this is a very strong grower and gets up to 3 to 4 feet tall. It will bloom repeatedly with large heads.


As a hybrid tea, the Perfume Delight rose is tough against diseases. It does well from zones 6-10 in terms of climate. Use normal pruning.

Although its great that it grows very strong, some gardeners report that it tends to grow almost too rapidly, and grow a little wide and spindly. You may need to prune a little tougher in those circumstances.




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