Peach Roses

Peach roses are an interesting subset of the color spectrum. Not quite orange or pink,it can be an interesting addition to your garden.


Its a little less romantic than the typical reds or pinks. They go well as a thank you gift or or as a measure of congratulations to somebody. They look great for a college or high school graduation as those are often in the spring time and the pastel colors add a nice variety to those outdoor graduation areas.

Some people have said that they can mean sympathy as well. They are a little more subtle than bright red so that's not a bad idea.


They didn't grow naturally and were not available until scientists last century were able to breed them. Its unclear when the first type was released but they are growing in popularity. Breeders have gotten better at getting different shades of peach and as they do, growers keep asking for more!


You may see these roses also lumped together as apricot or orange yellow. You'll get different arguments from different people on the colors. Many roses combine this color with white and pink and yellows to almost produce a salmon color. Plus depending on the light and time of day, these can go from pink to orange easily.

Here are some of my favorites:

Just Joey

One of the most popular peach types. It is a Rose Hall of Fame Inductee.

Peach Roses


A Kordes rose. I think it might be more salmon but I've had enough people tell me its peach to leave it here.

Peach Roses



Another great looking flower. It has a terrific scent as well.

Peach Roses

Marilyn Monroe

It might be more apricot, but its still a stunner!

Peach Roses



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