Organic Roses

Organic roses have gained in popularity in recent years, with the growth of the "green" movement. Many people have embraced simpler, more earth friendly gardening and consumption. Find out more about going natural!

Best Prices

You may think that you have to pay a big premium for "going green", but that is not usually the case. Many vendors have reasonably priced bouquets and other products and they are available from more and more sources every season. You can make these purchases and feel good about the environment at the same time! Organic Bouquet has a great deal going for Valentine's Day:

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You should check your vendor to see that they have been certified. Here are some of the more important ones:

VeriFlora: This is an American certification for sustainable farming practices, dedicated to the floral industry.

USDA Certified: This is the certification from the US Department of Agriculture

Ecocert: A certification of sustainable sources for raw materials

EcoBloom: A certification that encompasses the checks above along with many other fair trade regulations.

In addition, you may also want to check for rainforest certifications, fair labor practice certifications, and other regional worker review standards, such as FloVerde, for Columbian workers and FlorEcuador for the Ecudorian trade.

What are they?

Organic roses are plants grown without the use of chemical food, fertilizer, or pesticides. No artificial products have been introduced. Everything is done naturally for the growing process.

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