Old Garden Roses

Old garden roses often have a great history behind them. Many of the "old-school" gardeners like to talk about the great antique breeds.

Old Garden Roses

The era of old garden roses is usually said to match up with the time of the hybrid tea era, which happened way back in 1867. Everything before that is said to be antique or sometimes, the early period.

The early part of the 19th century is considered a heyday in the creation of these roses. Breeders in the Netherlands were very busy creating new types from seed. Breeders in France saw this success and soon moved to create their own. Most varieties we see today are from French originals. With the new Hybrid Teas and Floribundas, much of the popularity of the antiques were lost. People like the hybridization and the often improved traits of the engineered versions. In recent years, there has been a movement of sorts to get them back in the public eye, although many species are still rare.

You can still see these types in some familiar ways today.

Damask - Probably the most fragrant variety available. Often used for perfumes and scents.

Moss- A perennial that is outstanding in a tough desert like environment.

Moss Rose

Noisette The blush is a beautiful bush that can also function as a climber.

Blush Noisette

Alba- One of the tougher antiques. Very disease and cold hardy.

Gallica- Shorter shrub varieties. Very fragrant as well.




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