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My Rose Garden, Mildura Australia

So it begins...

This month (August 2017) we moved into our new home. The garden has been sadly neglected over the years, although it is obvious that somebody once lavished a lot of love and attention on it. In particular, the roses. These are all older and well established. If I were to make a guess I would say planted in the seventies, although it's hard to be any more precise than that. But I love a challenge - and this is a long term one - to restore the garden and the roses back to their former glory.

pink Climbing Rose
A wonderfully fragrant pink climbing rose. Unfortunately, the blooms are all about 12' above ground level, so a chair, long handled pruners, and a reasonable amount of blood sweat and tears (and the odd curse word) was required to pick a small bunch of them.

Our Location and Climate

We are lucky to live in a fantastic location for growing roses. The season is long and hot, the winters are very mild, and as long as the roses are kept well watered, they will have a long flowering season. It's not unusual for them to be in full bloom by early October (2nd month of spring) and still blooming on the winter solstice.

Summer temperatures here are the hottest in Victoria, with many days over 40c and we can have weeks on end of 30-39c and barely a drop of rain. Las year, we had a couple of consecutive days that exceeded 46c (115°F)so roses that can stand the heat can really thrive. And they grow BIG if you give them the chance. We have a shrub rose that is meant to grow "up to" 4' (Kentucky Derby) but ours is well over 9' tall... or was until we cut it down to a more respectable height.

My Roses Garden, Month by Month

Follow our journey to restoring our rose garden to it's former glory. Each month, will mean a new installement of what (if anything) has been achieved, progress reports and photos, and anything else that we think might be worth reading about.

August 2017
Progress report on our rose garden, for the month of August.
September 2017
Progress report on our rose garden, for the month of September.
October 2017
Progress report on our rose garden, for the month of October
November 2017
Coming in November
December 2017
Coming in December
You Are Here:   Home Rose Gardens My Rose Garden
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