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October, and the Roses Are Out

October 2017

I think October is my favorite month in the garden. Not just roses but the vegetable patch as well. New growth, new buds, a renewing of life in the garden, awith the promise of hot summer months to come. I just love it!

In our area of Australia, roses are often in bloom by early October. However, we seem to be a bit behind this year no doubt due to the fact we had to prune the roses later than usual so a lot of new growth was lost. Not to worry, we have the first flowers beginning to open with lots of buds appearing. It's been quite exciting watching the progression of the garden from a neglected overgrown jungle to looking as if someone cares.

We now have the irrigation system fully functional, thanks to our helpful neighbor Zac. He wired up the timer and got everything working, and we managed to fix all the leaks and broken pipes. So for your viewing pleasure, here is a selection of the roses now out in bloom... sorry that I can't give you the names at this time.

Semi double pink climber
A semi-double climber. Not too many prickles and not particularly fragrant, but the bees love it!
Possibly Mr Lincoln
The only non climber in this selection of pictures, and also the most strongly scented rose in the garden. Scent is very much like Mr Lincoln, but blooms are possibly maybe a little larger and darker.
Bronze climber
Unusal color, climbing rose.
Bronze climber
Same bush as previous photo, but showing different stages of the flower.
Apricot climbing rose
Another climber, this one has a great fragrance and looks like an English rose.
Banksia rambling rose
While the individual blooms on a Banksia ramber aren't particularly fragrant, the sheer number of flowers makes up for that. This particular one is HUGE, and underneath this is one of my favorite shady spots to sit on a hot afternoon.
Possibly William Baffin climber
This looks very much like "William Baffin" to me. The color, form and light scent all fits. I suspect the majority of the roses in this garden were planted in the 70s or early 80s, so this is old enough (bred in 1974).

That's it for this month. The next major task with the garden is to get rid of the masses of Dr Huey rootstock that is springing up around the base of many of the roses. By November the blooms should be at their best, so more pictures... I will photograph the standard and shrubs then. I feel there is always room for more roses, no matter how many you have. So a summer project will be to get some cuttings of the best roses here and get them started ready to plant out by the end of summer. Cuttings are a great way to increase your number of roses without spending money. If you haven't tried propogating roses with cuttings, then why not give it a go? In general, older roses do better on their own roots than the more modern varieties, although nearly anything will grow given enough care and attention.

My Roses Garden, Month by Month

Follow our journey to restoring our rose garden to it's former glory. Each month, will mean a new installement of what (if anything) has been achieved, progress reports and photos, and anything else that we think might be worth reading about.

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