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Midnight Blue Rose

The midnight blue rose... perhaps a little too close to the Dr Heuy rootstock flower for my liking.

I think the name is a little bit of a misnomer.  To me it is a little more of a deeper purple than anything.  It still can look terrific though, just be aware of the color you’re getting.  Some specimens though can get very dark, although it seems to depend a little bit on the climate you are in.  A cooler climate seems to give darker colors.

You already know about the deep purple blooms.  They are nice sized, with interesting yellow spots in the middle.  As a Carruth breed, it is very tough against diseases, rust, and mildew as well as pests.  It also is very good at repeat blooming.  It’s best in an area with lots of direct sunlight, not just for growth but for viewing as well.  There’s no point sticking your dark bloomers off in a corner with shadows.  Hardly anyone would notice them!  You can try some smaller light colored, white or yellow plants underneath to give some contrast.

Midnight Blue Rose

It’s a shrub rose but can easily be tailored to work well on borders or as a hedge.  It has a great spicy scent.  You could use it for cut flowers but it doesn’t have a great long stem for that.  Personally, I’m not a big fan of darker flowers in a vase or bowl either, but that’s just me.

While it’s only rated from zones 6-9 or 10, depending on who you talk to, it seems to give darker colors and larger blooms in the colder areas.  It will grow everywhere from Canada down to Texas with the right care.  Hot weather seems to make it fade a little bit.  You can provide normal pruning and deadheading to encourage regrowth.

You Are Here:   Home Blue Roses Midnight Blue
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