Meaning of White Roses

The meaning of white roses are wide and varied. Read more about the history and uses of these beautiful flowers!

White roses can be used in bouquets and other arrangements. They are used anywhere from weddings to funerals.

Here are some of the historical concepts that white roses represented:

  • Purity
  • Innocence
  • Secrecy
  • Silence
  • Unity
  • Virtue
  • Honor
  • Reverence

Many funeral and memorial flower setups may have white roses to show honor and reverence. While secrecy and silence are mentioned as traits as well.

Historically, there have been many different meaning of white roses. For example, white rosebuds where often used to symbolize young girls and were used to convey that the holder was too young for love. This type of symbolism was more common in paintings and art, and obviously is not as common today.

White roses go great in combinations with red and pink roses, for Mother's Day for example. They are also great for a spring or summer wedding as they have a light fresh, pure look.

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