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Las Vegas, By Kordes

Often described asa strong orange blend, there is no doubt the specimens on this page are more red than orange. And yes, the camera did capture the true tones of this rose.

But regardless of whether it's orange or red, Las Vegas is a beautiful rose. Perhaps not as fragrant as some of our favorite red roses (such as Chrysler Imperial) but a lovely bloomer all the same.

Flowers are large, fully double, with the undersides of the petals a pale cream to yellow color. Growth is not overly vigorous, but it will reach 3-4 feet or thereabouts. I think this rose is best suited planted in a group rather than singly. It has won a couple of awards, the Geneva gold medal 1985, and the Portland gold medal 1988.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas
Las Vegas
Las Vegas

  • Class: Hybrid Tea Large-Flowered Shrub.
  • Availability: Commercially available.
  • Origin:1981 by Kordes.
  • Bloom: Large Orange/Red flowers, cream undersides. Mild fragrance. Blooms in flushes throughout the season.
  • Habit: Shrub to 4'
  • Disease susceptibility: Disease resistant.
  • Parentage: Ludwigshafen am Rhein x Feuerzauber
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