Kordes Roses

Kordes roses are often overlooked in North America. Find out how this German breeder has been so successful.

They were first founded in the late 1880s in Northern Germany. They expanded gradually after the turn of the century. 1920 saw this group begin to breed their own varieties. They were reduced somewhat in output during the World Wars, but resumed their expansion in the 1950s. Currently, they're selling over 2 million plants per year.

One great general trait is that their selections are all very hardy. This comes from being bred in the tough growing areas in Deutschland. For those in the Northern reaches of the US or Canada, this is much appreciated. In addition, they pay special attention to making sure that they are tough against diseases or pests. They are good for the newbie or gardener that doesn't have a lot of time to babysit their plants.

Many people think of the English or David Austin, or perhaps the French Meilland brand as the top European breeder. I think Kordes should be included in the mix. They have won more ADR awards than any other breeder.

They don't sell directly to growers in the states. However, many of the most breeders in the US also carry these as part of their selection. Nature Hills carries a stock of some of these, including the Westerland.

Some of my favorites from their selection:


Very popular, but can be tough to find. Love the unique look.

Abracadbra Rose


Very exotic looking pink blooms!

Kordes roses


Another nice looking magenta color.

Cordes roses


I love the orange-yellow-apricot blend on this one!

Cordes roses

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