Jackson and Perkins

Jackson and Perkins roses are an old-school American breeder and nursery. They have been operating for almost 130 years.

The firm was first founding in the early 1870s in Newark, New Jersey and was originally a fruit distributorship. They decided to push harder into flower propagation by the turn of the century. They were the originators of the floribundas, for example.

In the 1930s, they started churning out many different varieties of rose. The 1939 World's Fair was the huge marketing push, and really made J and P a household name. They started shipping and mail order deliveries in earnest.

The next few decades were the heyday for these guys. Eugene Boerner, the lead breeder ultimately won 14 AARS awards. They were also responsible for leading the charge of celebrities as rose names.

In recent years, J&P has gone "corporate" after getting bought out by RJR in 1984 and rolled up into a series of global conglomerates. At one point, they were owned by a Japanese pharmeaceutical company. However, like most of Wall Street, they fell on hard times and filed for bankruptcy in spring 2010. Some people who ordered at that time had problems with their orders, obviously. Since then, it seems they have cleaned up some things on the operations and seem to be back. They are still rolling out new varieties including the Always and Forever, the 2011 rose of the year. However, some of their older favorites may not be available due to some continuing inventory issues.

Here are some of my favorites from them:


I love the color on this beautiful flower!

Jackson Perkins roses

Apricot Nectar

Beautiful floribunda with great colors as well.

Jackson Perkins roses

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