In A kentish Rose Garden

Beside a Dial in the leafy close,
Where every bush was burning with the rose,
With million roses falling flake by flake
Upon the lawn in fading summer snows:

I read the Persian Poet's rhyme of old,
Each thought a ruby in a ring of gold?
Old thoughts so young, that, after all these years,
They're writ on every rose-leaf yet unrolled.

You may not know the secret tongue aright
The Sunbeams on their rosy tablets write;
Only a poet may perchance translate
Those ruby-tinted hieroglyphs of light.

mathilde blind

Mathilde Blind ~ 1841 - 1896. Although she was born in Germany, she spent most of her life in England. She was devoted to both literature, and the higher education of women. Possibly best known for her epic poem, "The Ascent Of Man".

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