How to Draw a Rose

Besides having a bouquet, wouldn't it also be nice to know how to draw a rose? You don't have to be an unbelievable artist to do it either. There's a bunch of different ways to do it. Here's some easy step by step instructions:

1. Draw a thin curvy line, this will be the stem.

How to Draw a Rose

2. Draw a petal for the rose, using a long arc and a slightly wavy line underneath.

.How to Draw a Rose

3. Draw a second petal above that, more upright but with some curves on the outside.

How to Draw a Rose 03

4. Draw a spiral design between the two petals. Some instructions will have you create the spiral as a first step, but its really just a personal preference.

How to draw a rose 04

5. Draw two lines down from the spiral to "connect" it to the petals. This adds depth and looks like there are multiple petals.

How to Draw a Rose 05


6. Draw another curvy line above the spiral to add to the depth and the look of more petals.

How to Draw a Rose 06

7. Add a slight wavy line to the first petal you drew. This can give the illusion of folding.

How to Draw a Rose 07

8. Add some leaf branches to your stem.

How to Draw a Rose 08

9. Add two curvy lines to each leaf line to complete the leaf.

How to Draw a Rose 09

10. Add another line to the stem line to give it some thickness.

How to Draw a rose 10

11. Add some thorns and you are all set!

How to Draw a rose 11

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