Honor Rose

The Honor rose has been called the most beautiful white rose available! Look into whether it will work for your garden!

Honor Rose

Some history….

I've seen several dates for the release on this one. 1976, 1978, or even 1980. We do know that it was originally bred by Warriner. You may also see this rose sold as the JAColite, Silver Medal, Michele Torr, or Honour.


Some gardeners have said that this is the best white hybrid tea rose in the world. They make some great arguments. This rose grows nearly straight up with stems 2-3 feet in length, perfect for a vase. There are few extra buds on the sides so it looks great as cut flowers. It also has a mild and sweet scent that would go great in your house. It will bloom frequently throughout the season.


Here is where things can get a little tough with the Honor rose. The good news first though, is that it is a very strong grower, going up to six feet in a season in some circumstances.

However, this flower tends to do well under warmer conditions. Its rated from zone 5 and up but think strongly about getting winter protection for it. In addition to that, it is weak against blackspot and some other fungus so it needs dry climates as well to do best, as well as some preventative care. The stems also have a good amount of thorns so you need to be careful there.

In short, while it looks beautiful, its not a rose for beginners.


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