Heirloom Roses

Heirloom Roses can refer to a couple of different things. They are a common name for antiques, old-fashioned, or old garden roses. It is also the name of a large nursery based out in Oregon.

John Clements was one of the key people involved with them. He was legendary as a breeder in the Pacific Northwest for years. With his leadership the company was grown into one of the biggest in the Oregon region. They were run as a husband and wife team with his wife Louise for many years until his passing in 2007. They still continue going strong even today and their huge facility and garden in St. Paul is said to be astoundingly nice.

They go out of their way to promote some good points on their products. One thing I like is that their plants are guaranteed virus-free. This is a big one and something that many buyers overlook. Many local nurseries don't thoroughly check for this issue. They have a very robust supply of own root plants as well. They also sell a variety of other breeders choice flowers as well, including those from Buck, which can be tough to find.

They also breed some of their own types as well. These are not as well known as some of the other breeders. They are big on breeding for fragrance and are very similar to the English or David Austin varieties. They also have a big selection of roses from other breeders as well. Generally, reported have been that they have good customer service. Of course, whenever you are sending live plants you can always have some hiccups occasionally.


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