Growing Roses

Growing roses can seem like a daunting task but its come a long way recently. There are enough good easy to grow varieties and tips and tricks to make it fun and easy! Below we talk about the different ways to add roses to your garden and home:

Its important to understand what type of roses and garden you can feasibly keep. Even blooms that do great in your neighbor's yard across the way may fail just do to changes in soil, shade, etc... Its good to get a review of your soil, growing zone, and potential growing spots before you start.

Grow Roses From Seed

It is possible to grow roses from seed but you need a little bit of expertise. Its not something that's generally recommended for beginners, plus it can take several years to bloom. Most people want their gardens to get going now!

Planting Roses

Working with bare root roses is a little easier for the newbie but with a little hard work and luck, you can have a flourishing garden in a much shorter time.

Transplanting Roses

If you're lucky enough to have a garden around that has some extra plants, this might be a great way to go! Find out how to move them to your garden and have them flourish!

Rose Cuttings

This is another way to spread the rose love, by cutting pieces and using different rootstock.

Budding Roses

Also called grafting, its another way to progagate roses

Watering Roses

Obviously, no garden will do well without proper water and hydration.

Fertilizing Roses

Keeping the soil nutrients in balance is a critical part to your rose garden!

Indoor Roses

While its possible to grow inside, you need to have special patience and skill to do it.

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