Grandiflora Roses

Grandiflora roses are another subset of rose breeds. They combine the best of the hybrid teas and the floribundas.


Its unclear as to some of the early history of grandifloras. Some people say that the Buccaneer was the first. They first started really gaining in popularity in 1954 with the Queen Elizabeth. Many people often lumped grandifloras in with hybrid teas and so some of the beginning history was definitely muddled.


The first thing that many people notice about these flowers is that they are tall. Many get up to 5 feet tall. I've even heard of some getting up to 8 to 10 feet. How'd you like to have that pruning job?

They have a nice continuous blooming cycle throughout the season, with clustered blooms. Like the floribundas they have many clusters, although with smaller diameters.

Some breeds will have a nice light scent, although they are not known as much for their fragrance as say, the hybrid teas.

You'll see grandifloras in many of the same spots as hybrid tea roses. If you've got a breed that will get tall, they tend to do better toward your garden's back border. Since the stems tend to get a little bare, you may want to try a smaller plant such as a geranium underneath to fill out things there.

They look great as cut roses as well due to their long stems. They are available in a vast array of colors.


Since they do tend to grow large, be sure to provide enough space for your grandifloras. In tougher, less forgiving areas give at least two feet of space, more in better climates as they will get bigger there.

Grandiflora roses are rated from zones 4-9 but tend to do better than hybrids in the cold. Still consider rose cones or other winterizing for these plants.

You can generally do well with propagating these via grafts, but some people have noted they've done well with roots. Clip dead flowers and you should get continual blooming.


Here are a few of the more popular types:

Queen Elizabeth: Probably the most popular variety.

Queen Elizabeth Rose

Arizona Rose: A great looking orange and salmon color!

Arizona Rose





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