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Gertrude Jekyll - A Classic English Rose

For a dazzling pink climbing rose, look no further than Gertrude Jekyll. David Austin rates this as one of his top scented varieties, so if fragrance is important to you, it's well worth considration.

gertrude jekyll rose

Named after a famous garden designer, Gertrude Jekyll is a classic English rose from the 1980s. Producing his first rose in 1961, rose breeding has been the Austin family business to the present day since 1969. The company specializes in breeding English roses focused on combining the forms and fragrances of old roses with the repeat flowering characteristics of modern roses. The Gertrude Jekyll was the result of crossing the Wife of Bath rose and the Portland rose. Owing to its characteristics, the Gertrude Jekyll won the James Mason awards in 2002 from the Royal National Rose Society. It has also beeen voted England's Favourite Rose (twice!).

Gertrude Jekyll, General Information

The rosette-shaped blossoms start as little scrolled buds that open into the large, double petalled pink flowers. English roses often have significantly strong fragrances and the Gertrude Jekyll is no exception, and could be described as traditional "old rose" scent. Fragrance being a top characteristic, this rose was used as the first rose essence in England for quite some number of years. The foliage consists of widely spread leaflets which is a characteristic of a Portland rose. Blooms appear through early summer until the first frosts.

The Gertrude Jekyll rose grows as a disease resistant shrub or small climber, or even as a regular climber in warmer climates. Shrubs reach a height of around 4 - 5ft and an extra couple of feet as a climber. The bush has healthy foliage, tall and strong, growing to maximum heights in the warmer climates. Like most of the English roses, Gertrude Jekyll will do well on own roots, so a good candidate to get a few cuttings from friends.

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With around 200 different varieties, we are never going to get a definitive collection of them. However, we will continue to add new pictures and descriptions as we come across more varieties in both public and private gardens.

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While the picture of the Falstaff rose is not of a perfect specimen, it does still show the wonderful coloring and form.
Gertrude Jekyll
Named after a famous garden designer, Gertrude Jekyll is a classic English rose from the 1980s. A creation of David Austin Roses.
Golden Celebration
You may also see this labeled as the Ausgold.  It was first released by David Austin in the early 1990s.
Jude the Obscure
There is nothing descriptive of the rose in this name. And nothing romantic either, unless you are a fan of the novelist Thomas Hardy.
This is one of the earlier of the Austin English roses. No longer actively marketed due to it being superceded by better varieties.
The Pilgrim
David Austin did the rose world a great service, with his introduction of the English Roses. The Pilgrim is one of his best.
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