Fragrant Roses

Fragrant roses are a key reason many of us put up a garden to begin with. Of course, they look nice especially when bloomed, but the scent is something that is truly memorable.

Unfortunately, many great smelling roses have been breeded out over the years. There are some reasons for this. Breeders were more focused on bigger blooms and disease resistance. Some say the funeral industry wanted less scented blooms for their ceremonies, so as not to be a distraction. Nowadays, its tough to get a real scented bouquet from your local florist. You really need to get out into a garden.

Here are some of the top scented breeds out there today, of course these are always a matter of opinion:

Damask: these are popular for perfumes and fragrances, and for good reason. They are very scented! They are commonly found in Europe and Africa

Memorial Day: Its a VERY fragrant hybrid tea breed. A little too much for me but many readers like it. Definitely wins points for strength!

Fourth of July: A nice climber with a nice traditional scent. Not as strong as the Memorial Day though.

Double Delight: a hybrid tea rose with a sweetly, spicy rose fragrance. Zones 5-9.

Gertrude Jekyll: an English rose with a nice old scent

Rugosa: Actually, many of the wild roses have a great scent, the rugosa being no exception

New Dawn: a climber with a light, sweet fragrance. Not as powerful as some of the others on the list.

Tropicana: Another hybrid tea with a lighter fragrance. Works great for cut flowers.

Perfume Delight: The name says it all.

While big blooms are always a nice feature in your garden, don't forget about adding in some of these beautiful fragrant roses as well.









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