Floribunda Roses

Floribunda roses are one of the more popular varieties out there today. They are known for their ease of care and great looks. Find out more about these great flowers!


Floribundas were first bred back in the early 1900s by Jackson and Perkins. Eugene Boerhner was the main breeder there and worked exclusively on this plant from 1920 on. They were finally really introduced to great fanfare at the World's Fair in 1939. They combined polyanthas and hybrid teas and got some of the best characteristics from each breed. The American rose society nearly forced the name of these to be large-flowered hybrid polyanthas. Jackson and Perkins liked the more sensual floribunda. I agree!


The name Floribunda means abundant flowers so expect to see those on these types! There are usually multiple blooms per stem, with clusters. These clusters are sometimes called sprays, so you may also here these called spray roses. They also have repeating blooming. Most are double bloom, although some are single. The types of flowers you will see can vary though. You may see more traditional spiral type or other designs as well.

You'll see these flowers as hedges but not large bushes usually. They only average between 2 and 3 feet tall normally.

Depending on the type as well, it may have a fragrance, sometimes a strong one at that! The Sunsprite and Playboy have nice scents. In general, they're not known for being fragrant.


Floribunda roses have some nice traits for the garden that make them generally easy to work with. They get some winter hardiness from the hybrid tea genes. They are generally best grown in ground but can do well potted as well.


Here are some of the more popular varieties:

Angel Face: A nice looking pink/purple variety with cool ruffled petals.

Angel Face

Playboy Rose: A orange multi-colored beauty.

Playboy Rose

Betty Boop: A nice mix of red petals and a yellow center.

Betty Boop Rose

Easy Does It: A great looking pink bloomer!

Easy Going Rose

Easy Going: An amber/yellow low maintenance.

Easy Going Rose

Nearly Wild: A pink flower that looks like a wild breed. Very hardy.

Nearly Wild Rose

Julia Child: A yellow, very fragrant and hardy rose.

Julia Child Rose

Hot Cocoa: One of the most beautiful "brown" varieties.

Hot CocoaRose

Trumpeter: A brilliant red shorter shrub!

Trumpeter Rose

Europeana: A great looking crimson with tons of blooms

Europeana Rose

Simplicity: Its more of a hedge rose bush with pink, white, lavendar and purple varieties available.

Simplicity Rose

Honey Perfume: Its more of a hedge rose bush with pink, white, lavendar and purple varieties available.

Honey Perfume

Arthur Bell: A yellow variety that really pops!

Arthur Bell Rose

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