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Disease Resistant Roses

Disease resistant roses can make your life a lot easier in the garden, and still look good as well.

Most gardeners have dealt with the common plagues on plants: blackspot, fungus, rust, etc... You can take preventative measures against these things but it can get tiring. Hearing these complaints, many breeders have started to creat breeds that can resist infections without as much handholding.

As a default, selecting an AARS award winner is usually a good bet. One of the traits they are rated on is disease resistance, so you can know that they were tough in the trenches!

Some other things to keep in mind include the age. An older type will generally be tougher. Waxy leaves are also better as they will be able to handle moist damp climates that attract mildew and blackspot. Lastly, groundcover, carpet, and other shorter growing varieties are better against diseases than their taller counterparts.

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