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Deadheading Roses

Why deadhead your roses? As a rose flower dies, it begins to set seed (assuming that the flower was pollinated). The rose will now put its energy into producing the rosehip, rather than creating more blooms.

if you remove the spent bloom, then you will get more flowers. So... a little time spent doing this will reward you with more flowers, over a longer season.

deadheading a rose

Deadheading is Easy!

If you know absolutely nothing at all about deadheading and just went around the garden cutting off any blooms that looked to be past their best, then you would actually get pretty decent results. So don't feel like you have to know some special tricks or tips to deadhead. However, there are a few things that are going to improve your results.

The first of these, is to prune back to the first set of five leaves. Sometimes the first set of leaves below a flower are only 3, look further down the stem to find the first set of five, and prune there. Why? Because that is where the next flower will come from. If you chose the top 3 leaf set, then you can end up with "dead wood" at the top and die back.

You can take this a step further and go down to the first set of five leaves that point outwards. That will ensure that the next flowers to be produced point out, away from the center of the bush.

And finally, make your cut on an angle. This is just to stop the tip from collecting water which can rot the stem. And that's it! Follow these few very simple tips and you will be deahdeading like an expert.

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