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Burgundy Iceberg Rose

When I first saw this rose, I wondered if it was perhaps a Portland or Gallica rose. It definitely has some similarities in the bloom to that old favorite, Tuscany Superb. But a quick check of the foliage soon shows that the leaves are not what you would expect to see on those older type roses. Also, it doesn't have the wonderful perfume that you get with most Gallicas.

Burgundy Iceberg

Similar in most respects (other than the color) to the parent plant, Iceberg

It is in fact the Burgundy Iceberg, a sport of the parent plant that was discovered in Australia a few years ago. Other than the color, it's pretty well identical in form and habit to the original plant. While the White Iceberg has never been one of my favorite roses, I do have to admire the unusual color of this particular variety.

Maybe it's just the cooler climate, but all 3 bushes we have in the garden suffer from nodding blooms. So it's probably not going to make a great cut flower. While I have seen this described as having a "mild fragrance" I think you need a fairly vivid imagination to detect any scent. Again, just like the parent!

While I do like this color, I'm not certain it really "goes" with anything. It's very dark, and we have it planted against a whitewashed wall, which helps bring out the color. However, it seems like it could just get a little lost without that pale background.

It grows to around 3-4 feet, and produces a mass of blooms once the warmer weather starts.

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