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Blaze, a Spectacular Red Climber

Blaze rose

The blaze rose is a stunning climbing rose which was used widely for decoration in gardens and entrances. The rose was bred by Joseph W. Kallay in the year 1932 in United States. It was first made a hybrid in the year 1935 to enhance the blooming and climbing performance of the plant. This improvment has made it a hardy plant and an excellent climber. Trademarks of this plant include a scarlet or brilliant red color flowers which elegantly spreads out on the climber as a red sheet of roses. This rose plant can be easily trained to climb your landscapes. The canes are flexible enough for you to bend the plant and manipulate its growth direction so that you get the desired shape and perfect climbing base for it.

The best trait of this plant is that you will get the flowers throughout the year cascading beautifully all over the climber from early summer to the fall season. The nature of the blaze rose is very reliable and is a guaranteed bloomer. It shows great resistance to diseases. If this rose is encouraged to grow horizontally there will be agreat increase in its blossoms. You'll seem blooms in clusters and in abundance all over the plant. The flower opens well in a cup shape. A typical complete open flower has a bloom size of 2-3 inches with approximately 24 petals in each bloom. The climber can easily grow 10-15 feet in height. This feature gives it much advantage as a climber. The foliage of Blaze rose plant is medium green in color, oval in shape and has a soft feel. This color contrast of the leaves and the rose gives your garden an extravagant look and richness. From a fragance standpoint, many people comment on a mild and fruity smell, so it won't overwhelm you. Blaze roses are suitable for zone USDA 6b or warmer.

Climbing roses like these can go on many structures, like walls, fence, trellises, pergola and arbor. It can also be planted around the pillars arches, porches. Simple training like bending the canes in upward downward or horizontal direction can make the rose move swiftly on the structure thus providing you with the splendid result in much less time. For getting the rose on the fence you can encourage its horizontal movement by bending the canes appropriately. Also keep in mind the color of the structure so as to compliment the bright red blooms of this flower. This type of color combinations will give your garden a magnificent look. Remember to plant in drained soil and it should be in bare root to give the outstanding performance.

Blaze Roses

The pruning and trimming of this rose plant is not encouraged in the early plantation time. Once the rose has become sturdy and adapted to your garden environment then you can prune or trim its stems accordingly to enhance the rose blooms. However you can do a little pruning anytime if any part of the plant is infected with disease. Iif you are looking for an excellent tough climbing rose with spectacular bright red flowers to make your house exterior look exotic, then the blaze rose fits the bill nicely.

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