Bare Root Roses

Bare root roses are one way to get your garden started or to fill in some different breeds that you want to see. If nearby nurseries don't have it, you may need to order online. Most online nurseries will only ship this way.

At first glance, bare root roses will seem like they are completely dead. The stems will look lifeless and dormant and the roots will usually look brown as well. Many growers, even beginners, can have success with these. The advantages to planting this way is that you can avoid any issues with transplant shock. It some cases its also easier than using cuttings.

You'll have to make sure to plant after the last frost date, so that you don't have issues with freezing.

Check your shipment as soon as they arrive. Don't be surprised when you see something that looks like a pile of sticks and roots. You'll want to look out for any black roots or canes that may be splintered and broken. Be sure to prune off these pieces. You don't want rot or disease to spread. Then submerge your whole plant in a tub of cold water for at least 24 hours. Its important to hydrate and remember that this has been in transit for a day or more already! You'll want to plant the roses immediately. If that is not possible, keep the roots covered in moist soil.

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