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Time to take those rose cuttings
October 22, 2008

Time to take rose cuttings

If you are in the northern hemisphere, then now is the time to take rose cuttings. This is how I get most of my rose plants.

Some roses will perform better than others. In general, the older heritage roses, species roses etc do better. Many of the modern Hybrid Teas are too highly bred, and perform poorly on their own roots.

But virtually ANY rose can be used to take cuttings from. If it doesn't perform well, all you have lost is a little time. What is more important than the rose type, is WHEN and HOW you take the cuttings. This seems to be overlooked by many people.

1.Try to take your cuttings around the full moon. I have always done this, and it does make a difference to the strike rate. A day or two either side of full moon is fine, but the closer to that time you take them, the more likely you are to get a good strike rate.

2.I use what I call "willow water" to soeak the cuttings in for a few days befopre planting out. Willow contains a strong rooting hormone....this is the same as the ingredient in Asprin.

So I strip some bark from a willow branch (any type will do) and soak that in a bucket of water. After soaking for several days, I then use that water for my cuttings. I let the cuttings sit in that for a day or so. If you don't have access to willow branches, then put 2 Asprin in a 1/2 full bucket of water and sit the cuttings in that.

3.Find a quiet, well drained corner of the garden to plant out your cuttings. There is more information on this here.

So why not try taking cuttings of roses, if it's not something you have done before? It's an easy and satisfying way to increase your roses, without spending money on new plants.

Create Your Own Webpage

As Love Of Roses increases in size and popularity, it's time to make it more interactive. That means you get to add your views and pics to the site!

The first page is already up, worlds best roses so why not join in, and post your favorite rose?

Upload a photo (optional) and create your own page about the rose.....share the good points, and bad points about it.

More interactivity will be introduced over time. So keep your eyes out, next time you visit. That's all for now, best regards from AJ

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