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Latest white rose, it's a beauty!
March 12, 2008

Have you see this white rose before?

For those in the northern hemisphere, it's time to think about planting some bare root roses. If you're looking for a pure white rose, then look no further than "Pope John Paul II"

A beautiful citrus fragrance, great for cut flowers in the house, and its a pure white. Released last season (I believe) it has proved to be extremely disease resistant, and will grow almost anywhere. It's been getting rave reviews from those that have tried it, so why not call into your local garden center and see if they stock it?

You can read about it here Note....this is not an affiliate link. I have merely included it for your convenience, so you can read a little about the rose.

Beautiful Rose Galley

I found this rose gallery a few days ago, and I really wanted to share it with you. If you enjoy looking at, or taking, photos of roses, then check this out. Rose Gallery

Create Your Own Webpage

As Love Of Roses increases in size and popularity, it's time to make it more interactive. That means you get to add your views and pics to the site!

The first page is already up, worlds best roses so why not join in, and post your favorite rose?

Upload a photo (optional) and create your own page about the rose.....share the good points, and bad points about it.

More interactivity will be introduced over time. So keep your eyes out, next time you visit. That's all for now, best regards from AJ

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