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Loving your roses just got easier
November 20, 2008

Want to enhance your websurfing experience?

If you're anything like me, you have too many search bars on your browser. One from Google, one from Yahoo, another from someone else. Why? Because each one has something different to offer.

Work has been going on behind the scenes, here at Love Of Roses, to bring you the BEST toolbar....and it's here now! Loaded to the brim with features that are actually useful, you can also set it up the way you want it.

Google Search bar Our favorite search engine.

Site Links Preloaded with our favorite sites around the web, from a place with 40,000 recipes, to the best rose identification site.

Radio Player Automatically finds all your local stations, so you can listen while you surf.

Gadgets Converters, games, news, crossword. You'll love this feature.

Email Notifier Just load in your email addresses and you get notified when you have mail.

Local weather See the weather for your local region, right there in your toolbar

So why not join the Love Of Roses community, and download the toolbar? As we get more members, we will be adding new features to it. It's fun, it's free, it's safe, and most of all, it's actually useful!

Get the comminity toolbar here

Create Your Own Webpage

As Love Of Roses increases in size and popularity, it's time to make it more interactive. That means you get to add your views and pics to the site!

The first pages are already up, worlds best roses so why not join in, and post your favorite rose?

Upload a photo (optional) and create your own page about the rose.....share the good points, and bad points about it.

More interactivity will be introduced over time. So keep your eyes out, next time you visit. That's all for now, best regards from AJ

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