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An UNBIASED Review of SBI!

I have an inbred scepticism of product reviews and reviewers. I just can't help feeling that no matter how much you love the product, how much you believe in it, if you receive money when the reader makes a purchase, then that just has to influence what you write. So let's be upfront about that right from the start... I love SBI! (or Solo Build It if you pefer to use the full name) but I am not an affiliate for them. In other words, there is absolutely no monetary gain to me by recommending them. I do it because I know they played a huge part in my online success, and I know they can do the same for you. So let's back up to early 2006.

How and Why I Started With SBI!

I have been building websites and messing around with all things web related long before I discovered Solo Build It. But to be honest, none of them were what you would call "successful". Back then (and still to this day!) the internet was full of self proclaimed MMO (Make Money Online) gurus, selling snake oil that promised the world and delivered nothing. I hate to think how many $$ I wasted getting sucked into the latest fad that guaranteed making it big online. But of course the only people getting rich from those were the ones selling to suckers like me.

And it's still happening, just look at places like "Wealthy Affiliate". So many people get sucked into that, but the only ones that actually make money from joining is the company. The sad thing about that, is the people that do buy into it actually could do well online - IF only they had found the company that could help them realize their online dreams. SBI!

I first found SBI! in 2006 when I was browsing various design related web sites and discovered a review that was different than all the rest I had read. It didn't promise or guarantee success. Instead, it showed how with hard work and guidance, SBI! could give me the best chance at it by ignoring the get rich schemes and focussing on building a website the RIGHT way. Using C.T.P.M. It was like a lightbulb moment for me!

C.T.P.M, what on earth was that, I had never heard of it before. Content, Traffic Presell, Monetize. Please do follow that link and read more about it. Maybe you will have that lightbulb moment as I did, and realize "this is what I needed to know years ago!"

So How Has SBI! Worked Out For Me?

You know, people can, and do, write a heap of bullshit with reviews. Especially in the competitive niche of MMO. So called "gurus" with traffic numbers that are frankly an embarrasment positioning themselves as highly successful, but offering no evidence. So let's cut to the chase, how did my first website with SBI! perform, compared to my previous websites?

Let's also keep in mind my first SBI site was basically what you would describe as a "hobby" site. My main online income was (and still is) related to web design, so the roses website was created in my spare time, with no thought to making money from it. It was more a "proof of concept" for me... does the SBI! way of building websites actually work, or was it just another system that was going to disappoint me?

Below is a screenshot of traffic numbers 4-5 years after starting the site. And as I said, it was a part time thing, so I progressed fairly slowly compared to somebody that would work fultime on their website. As you can imagine, highest traffic numbers tended to be in February, due to the international rose day and valentines. Even ignoring peaks like that, daily visitor numbers of between 3,500 and 5,500 was massively bigger than anything I had ever had in the past.

SBI website stats
Pretty decent traffic for a part time hobby site, wouldn't you say?

And for a website that wasn't set up to make money, it still brought in four figures a month in Adsense. While I considered this to be a raging success, here is the part that still surprises me (though why it does, I don't know). With my design work I have had the privilege to work with many SBIers that have traffic numbers far in excess of what I was getting. Not just one or two people, not just the exceptionally talented or lucky ones, but folks like you and me. People that knew nothing about how to build successful websites before they joined SBI! but put their trust in the proccess and went on to create their dream.

Since that time, I have created two other SBI! websites - and both of them have been profitable. Three out of three! I can't give traffic/income details on these as they now have new owners and it's not my place to make that information public. But what I can say is, they are successful in every sense of the word. They make money, and they get great traffic. And most importantly, they are built on the C.T.P.M principles, so they will continue to do well in the years ahead.

Do You Have Your Own Idea For a Web Based Business?

I have heard all the excuses for not trying. "But I don't know how to build a website". "I'm not an expert in anything" "It's too tough these days to do well". "I don't have the time" etc. etc.

But guess what? You CAN build a website with little more effort than drag and drop using the SBI! Block Builder software and templates. You ARE an expert in something, even if you don't realize it. Have a passion if life? Then you already know more about that subject that 99% of people and can write about it. Yes, it is tough to do well with online websites or businesses these days, IF you don't have the guidance to follow the right path. SBI! gives you that guidance. And as for time. I built my rose website part time, and look how that turned out! How many evenings do you spend in front of the TV watching nothing in particular? Think what you could achive by spending a little of that time building your website. An hour a night will get you a long way.

Why Did I Write This SBI! Review?

SBI! has given me so much over the years, it's time to give something back. And what I have to give is my support. But it's more than that. I see people getting sucked into the likes of "Wealthy Affiliate" and it makes me sad and angry.

Sad, because those people are like you and me, they are looking for a way to get a successful web based business started and they just need to find the right way to do that.

Angry, because most of those that are selling the dream KNOW that they don't have the answers for these people, but still they take their money. When $$ are involved, ethics and morals go out the window. So if I can do my part to help others then I will do so. Not for any monetary gains, but because it's the right thing to do.

If somebody is going to try to sell me on something, then I want proof that it works. Don't let vague promises suck you in. Ask for, insist on, hard evidence and verifiable proof.

SBI! is totally unique in that they offer undeniable, indisputable proof of success. Nobody else does this. Not Wealthy Affiliate, not Wix, not Squarespace, or any others that you can think of... except SBI!. Why? Because they can't. Don't you think if a website hosting company could prove that websites hosted with them do well, they would provide facts and figures to back that up? Of course they would.

Take The 90 Day Challenge

If you have ever (even for a fleeting moment) though to yourself "wouldn't it be great to have an online business so I can get away from this 9-5 rat race", then at least check out SBI! I'm not saying it's right for you, we don't know each other so I'm not in a position to judge. But what I can say for sure, is that with a 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Yes that's right, 90 days to try it out, that's 3 months. Nobody else offers that, because they can't. Only a company that KNOWS their product is head and shoulders above the rest could do this.

If I can build a very successful website around a subject I have a passion for (roses) then think what YOU could do. What is your passion? Cats, dogs, crafts, cooking, tiny houses, homesteading, chickens, self improvement? No matter what it is, there are people out there that want to know what you know. Write about what you love, and let C.T.P.M do the rest for you.

This video will open your eyes to endless possibilities, I promise!
SBI Video Tour

Thanks for reading!
Best regards, AJ

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