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Roses Wallpaper ~ free rose images for your desktop

Just choose the picture that you like, and click on the link.

Pictures are an average of 600-700 kb, so will take a few secondz to download. However, you can choose to download a smaller version if you wish. These are some of my favorite rose pictures - I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The images are stored on a different server. You can click on any image and it will take you to the gallery. From there you can select any of the images, and choose the size you wish to download.

Below is a selection of the images available. These are all owned by and you may use them in any way you wish. If you use an image on your wesbite or blog, then a link to this site would be appreciated, but not required.

Betty Boop 1

betty boop rose
Margaret Merril

margaret merril rose
Nancy Steen

nancy steen rose
Betty Boop 2

betty boop rose
Dublin Bay

dublin bay red rose
Betty Boop 2

iceberg white rose
Red and Yellow Tulip

red and yellow tulip
Bumble Bee

iceberg white rose
Red and White Roses

red and white roses and teddy bear
Red and White Roses

vase of red and white roses
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