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Red roses are definitely my favorite. They speak to me of passion, romance,and Spanish flamenco dancers! They are definitely the most popular Valentine's Day roses.

I especially like the deep red varieties, such as Birthday Present and Red Planet. Mr Lincoln is another firm favorite - it not only has the deep red color, but a wonderful fragrance too.

red climbing rose

One dozen red roses is the traditional way to show love. One dozen yellow, peach or coral roses just doesn't have the same effect. Unfortunately, the roses you buy in a florists shop are not particularly fragrant. They have been bred to have long stems, perfect form and color, not for their scent.

The Meaning of Red Roses

Most people think that the meaning of red roses is obvious. Yes, of course they convey love and romance, but also other traits as well

  • Passion
  • Love
  • Romance
  • (Dark red) Unconscious beauty
  • Devotion
  • Congratulations
  • Respect
  • Courage
  • Authority

Those last few may surprise you. In certain cultures, highly respected dignitaries will often receive roses at events as a show of respect or authority. I'm not sure it would be the best thing to send to your boss though, for example, unless there's another message you wouldn't mind sending as well!

The romantic meaning of red roses goes back to at least the ancient Greek and Roman times. These flowers were associated with Venus, or Aphrodite, the goddess of love. They would often be displayed during weddings or other romantic celebrations.

Other combinations of red roses can signify different things:

  • A combination of red and white roses together, or red-edged white roses, will convey unity.
  • Red and yellow roses together can mean happiness and romance together.
  • A single red rose: I love you. Although to me this one says I like you, but I'm not going to break the bank yet!
  • A dozen red roses: I love you. And I will spend some extra cash!..or I screwed up!
  • Two dozen red roses: I love you. And I have got serious cash! or I really screwed up!
  • More than two dozen: You have a serious rose fetish!

To give someone these lovely plants signifies many things, among them...

  • Romance, beauty, respect, and passionate love.
  • Red roses in full bloom say, "I still love you."

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Dick Clark Rose
Dick Clark
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