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Modern Roses, Hybrid Tea and Floribunda

While there are plenty of other popular rose types, these two make up the bulk of what is seen in gardens today. The modern Hybrid Tea began as a cross between the Hybrid Perpetual, and the Oriental Tea rose. Earlier varieties lacked vigour, but with the passage of time they have become far more disease resistant, stronger growing, and the color range has expanded.

Hybrid Tea

tequila sunrise rose

An example of a modern Hybrid Tea is shown here - Tequilla Sunrise, bred in 1988 by Dickson (Bonfire Night x Freedom).

If there is one (very small) thing I don't like about Hybrid Teas, it's that many of them are lacking in scent. Breeders, in my opinion, have spent more time and effort concentrating on form, color, and vigor, while overlooking the importance of fragrance.

That trend seems to be reversing now - thankfully! There is something of a let-down for me, seeing a beautiful rose and finding it to have the fragrance of a piece of cardboard.


The Floribundas tend to be slightly easier to grow than Hybrid Teas. They also tend to be smaller, more compact shrubs with muti flowered trusses - and like the Hybrid Tea, many are somewhat lacking in fragrance. But they make up for that with their abundant flowers.

Irish Gee Floribunda rose

The rose shown here is Irish Gee. I have seen this rose classified as both Hybrid Tea, and Floribunda. As it is a sport of Liverpool Echo (floribunda), I tend to think the latter must be correct. Also, it has the flower trusses and form of a typical Floribunda. Either way, I think it's a lovely rose, and one well worth a place in any garden.

Roses By Type

Wild roses, Hybrids, climbers, miniatures and more. Make some sense of the multitude of rose varieties with our handy guides.

Wild Roses
Wild or species roses. They have a natural simple beauty, with their plain 5 petal flowers and vibrant red hips.
Old Fashioned
This includes varieties such as Alba, Damask, Gallica, Hybrid Perpetual, Bourbons, Moss, and many more.
Hybrid Tea
Probably the most popular type in use today. Orignally created by crossing Hybrid Perpetuals and Tea roses.
Climbing Roses
The climbers are not a variety, they can come from different families such as HT's, Floribundas, Antiques etc.
Rambling Roses
Similar habit to the climbers, but with a few subtle (and important to remember) differences between them.
Well known for their prolific sprays of flowers, the floribundas are a very popular garden choice.
Ground Covers
This encompasses varieties such as the Knockout, Drift, and Star roses. Generally very easy care.
A great way to bring your roses indoors or onto the patio. And with a low price, you can have as many as you want!
English Roses
One of the best loved varieties, David Austin's English roses are a must have for your garden.
Shrub Roses
This class is a "catch all" for roses that just don't fit other catagories. A bit of a cop out really!
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