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Horburns Rose

I have been able to find out very little about this Rose. Im not sure why, but there appears to be very little documentation on Horburns, so if anyone can provide details about it? I love the color of it, but confess I had never seen it before coming across it in the Christchurch Botanical gardens in 2007.

horburns rose

Some Floribunda Varieties

An orange multi colored beauty.
A nice mix of red petals and a yellow center.
Nearly Wild
A pink flower that looks like a wild breed. Very hardy.
It's hard to find much information on this very pretty Floribunda.

Pink Rose Gallery

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angel face rose
Angel Face
Rosa Ballerina
Rosa Bonica
Carefree Wonder Rose
Carefree Wonder
Colette Rose
Eden Rose
Eden Rose
Fragrant Cloud Rose
Fragrant Cloud
Rose Gaujard
Ispahan Rose
Louise Odier Rose
Louise Odier
Old Master pink rose
Old Master
Pink Iceberg  rose
Pink Iceberg
Pink Parfait rose
Pink Parfait
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