Rose Seeds

Rose seeds are obviously important for breeding and hybridizing your own roses.  Who knows, maybe you will come up with a All-america breed in your backyard!

Briar rose seeds

A good candidate to extract the seeds from is a flower with big hips.  Yes, this is a good trait for roses! Besides being useful in cooking and food, the hips hold the seed.  Its basically a fruit similar to an apple or orange.  Not all types have hips or seeds, so some you may not even be able to do this.  You need to cut open the ripe hips, remove the seeds and carefully clean them of the pulp.  Failure to do so can cause the seeds to get moldy.

If you want to have seeds that are a hybrid, you need to cross-pollinate across roses, since all of them have both female and male sex organs.  The plants may self-pollinate, or it might be done by bees or birds.  There are whole books devoted to breeding and hybridizing.  In fact, roses helped lead to some of the first research on genes and heredity.

The downside to using seeds is that it can take several seasons for a plant to really mature, so you won’t know what you have for a while.  Not only that, but it may not have the exact characteristics you want.  Each rose will have some traits from the mother and father plants, but not be a perfect blend.  It can take many cycles before you have a nice specimen.  This is why breeders work so hard! A quicker way to propagate your plants is with cuttings.  A properly prepared cutting can give you nice flowers within one season.  You’ll also know exactly what you’re getting bloomwise.  You can also buy bare roots varieties and plant them too to get some different breeds in your garden.

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