Purple Roses Meaning

Looking for purple roses meaning can be a mysterious path. They aren't as well known as red, white, or rose colors. If you're thinking about giving them for a gift, romantic occassion, or other situations, its important to know their significance. They can signify all of the following:

  • Enchantment
  • Mystery
  • Opulence
  • Glory
  • Majesty
  • Dreams
  • Magic
  • Royalty

Historically, purple colors would be on royal materials, such as capes, linens and official documents. It would be a symbol of the king and queen. It was also associated with magicians and sorcerors. and their robes would often be dark colors. Purple has often been associated with dreams and sleep as well, which has been a mysterious and not well understood area of the mind. These meanings have passed down through the ages to be associated with roses as well.

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