Meilland Roses

Meilland Roses are a French based breeder that has quite a storied history.

They have been in the flower business since the mid 19th century. The survived the world wars by sending out cuttings throughout the world. However, many of the older breeds were lost in a diseased nursery in the 1930s and so most of their flowers are dated from the WWII era to today. Certain nurseries in the United States now carry these types. Conard-Pyle is the main grower and distributor but Hortico is also a sales point as well. Palatine also has a handful of these varieties available.

They are the developers of the world renowned Peace rose, although many people associate it with Conard-Pyle, who first brought and marketed this flower in America. It was originally bred and grown in France though.

Over the years, they have been constantly pushing to make varieties that have long,continuous blooms without a lot of upkeep. The Carefree Wonder is a good example of this. Many of their types are considered among the best hybrids of all time. They are big on using people names for their new releases.

They also breed their own version of David Austins, called Romanticas.

Here are some of my favorites:


A great mix of yellow and orange. Its not hard to see why it has remained so popular.

Meilland rose


Also called Pierre de Ronsard, this is an outstanding climber. Not as fragrant as some of the other varieties.

Meilland rose


Has a beautiful pink and orange combination of colors.

Meilland rose


Has a beautiful sharp red color.

Meilland rose

Carefree Wonder

Has a beautiful sharp red color.

Meilland rose


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