Centifolia, the "cabbage rose"

The Cabbage rose (Centifolias), also called 'Provence' rose, was first cultivated in the Middle Ages and is famous for its strong floral scent and large double petalled flowers. These form in little clusters, hence the name "Cabbage". The flowers are always a rich pink colour with greyish green foliage on a long stem. Due to its wonderful and strong aroma, the Cabbage rose is cultivated for its attar of rose, and used widely as an ingredient for perfume and scent oil.

centifolia, the cabbage rose

It was first made popular by the Dutch who had a very wide spread fondness for this Old Garden rose, and it is actually sometimes called Dutch Rose as well as Cabbage and Provence. The Cabbage rose is a lovely plant once it has reached its full size, but is a high maintenance rose to grow. It is quite finicky about where it likes to be and is prone to quite a few diseases and pests. These can be controlled under the right circumstances, and with a little bit of love and care you will find that it is an amazing addition to any garden.

The Cabbage rose is a climbing plant and likes to lean on things. It is suitable for growing in woodland areas and surrounded with other plants that it can use as support. If it's grown on its own then it will need a cane or wall planted with it in order for it to grow up something stable. It likes a fairly sunny position with some moist soil and neutral PH.

The Cabbage rose is often used in hedgerows, borders and along fences; it will grow very happily along side a variety of shrubs and bushes as well as perennials that are known for blooming in the early summer months. Once it has bloomed it will continue to bloom every spring/summer for a long time after.

The thick and lush foliage is lovely as a barrier or edging for a garden or house front, and you will need to perform some light pruning every year in the early spring in order to keep it tidy and healthy.

As well as being a stunning addition to the garden, the Cabbage rose can be cut and used as a beautiful fragrant flower in displays, bouquets or just in a vase in your living room. It gives off that famous old rose scent which reminds us all of the classic fresh smells that flowers portray.

As well as its scent, this rose has all the characteristics of a rose. Its pink color and large leaves, its prickly leaves and thorny branches all add to the typical and traditional ideas of roses that we all hold and cherish in our minds.

As long as you have the time and inclination to care, support and love this plant as it grows and blooms, you will find a unique and invaluable addition to your garden. One that will give you so much pleasure and beauty each and every summer.

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